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Had A bunch of fun with Juriia at her beach par-tay.

This is Butt Statues P1.

(with Gw2-Juriia, nests-and-orochis, etriuzjt, inquestleaderkudu, and dark-star-transference!)

I am r00d.

Screens from Juriia’s Beach Party


Thanks for the lil fun party guys! I wasn’t very long, but still fun!

Sorry I didn’t take any screenshots during the whole mini party, but after when there were only a few people left, statue-making happened.

This post may contain a lot of butts.

(with nests-and-orochis, etriuzjt, makotonamachino, inquestleaderkudu & dark-star-transference)

Part 3 without the helm.

Whispers Armor Part 2

I am Really proud of my Whispers gear


So I decided to spoil my neglected warrior today. Is he not the sexiest 17 year old derpster in all of Tyria? Poor Awks, he only looks this suave in his dreams.

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MLZ Studios published another amazing video showcasing Fanime cosplays!  We traveled up to the Palace of Fine Arts to capture footage of my Guild Wars 2 Orrian armor.  I put together a little gifset preview, but I’d highly recommend checking out the full thing for a bunch of other beautiful costumes!

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1999 Kaguya Shima Densetsu (Kaiteiban) Natsuyasumi! Houseki Tankentai

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Sylvari sure are weird


Sylvari sure are weird

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